PhotobookShop Pledge
At PhotobookShop we have three core values that make up the PhotobookShop Pledge;

  • To Serve;
  • To Protect: and
  • To Promote
To Serve
Refers to our pledge of service excellence. To constantly provide our customers with great quality products, speedy delivery and to do our best to support you with feedback and advice.
To Protect
Refers to the pledge made by the PhotobookShop team to the environment. That, in the course of operating our business, we will do all that we can to ensure that we minimise the impact that we are having on the environment. PhotobookShop continuously looks at ways of improving our methods of print, production and delivery in keeping with our Protect Pledge.
To Promote
Refers to the pledge that we make to our current and future employees. The core of this pledge is about creating employment and careers, and making leaders. Here at PhotobookShop our pledge to our staff is to provide them with the foundations and knowledge to become independent leaders within and outside of our company.
Written in bold around the office is the quote: "NEAR ENOUGH IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH".
To the PhotobookShop Team, this is a constant reminder of Our Pledge and our commitment to our customers and these values are at the heart of everything we do.
The Latest Promotions and Offers
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PhotobookShop Pressroom - Our Blog
In between printing photobooks, calendars, canvases and greeting cards; responding to queries (on facebook, twitter and via email); we are going to bring you an update, otherwise known as a Blog, of what is happening at PhotobookShop.